Common Misconceptions About Intelligent Toilets

People from eastern nations feel uncomfortable when it comes to using toilets with toilet papers alone. So, they wish that they have a bidet in the washroom. With intelligent toilets, property owners from this part of the world can make their toilet intelligent by combining both conventional and modern approaches to toilets.

What to know about the features of an Intelligent Toilet?

If you plan to get intelligent toilets installed in your restroom, you might want to know about the features of this toilet. Here is a list to help you:

  • Illuminating night light
  • Some models offer a water conservation mechanism
  • Air Dryer
  • Deodorizer
  • Adjustable water temperature
  • Seat-warming
  • Electric bidet shower for front and rear cleaning

All models might not have the features mentioned above. When you choose a trustworthy manufacturer of a bidet toilet seat, you will come across different models with different features.

Demystifying Common Myths:

Of course, the smart toilet is gaining more and more popularity. However, many people fear the common misconceptions that revolve around these smart solutions. Understanding these misconceptions will help you arrive at an informed decision. Yes, this is important when you plan to get an automatic bidet toilet installed in your home:

Automatic toilets consume more water:

This is purely a misconception revolving around electric toilet seats. As the name implies, they are intelligent. So, most of them come with a water-conservation mechanism. It means that the toilet will understand your water requirement and will supply accordingly. So, you need not have to worry about increasing water bills when you install this toilet in your home.

Smart toilets with bidets are not environmental friendly:

Do you want to ensure the safety of the environment? If so, you should know manufacturers pulp millions of trees. They do this every year for producing toilet papers. Above all, it creates irreversible damage as the regrowth of trees happens at a much slower pace as compared to water conservation. You might also know tonnes of chlorine are used for bleaching the paper. Also, a considerable amount of materials and energy are also used for packaging a toilet paper. Considering all these factors, smart toilets are a far better option than conventional toilets that use toilet papers alone.

A bidet is not hygienic:

Many people also argue that smart toilets with bidets are not hygienic. They say that this happens particularly when many people share the toilet. The fact to remember here is that most bacterial infections get into the body through the lower urinary tract. The problem with toilet papers is that they do not get rid of bacteria. Also, rubbing with toilet paper can lead to skin irritation, hemorrhoids, and even injury in some people.

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On the other hand, a smart toilet seat with a bidet provides effective cleaning. It does not smear either dirt or bacteria around. To ensure a thorough wash, most electric toilet seats have a precise washing angle of more than 70 degrees. Even, some models come with dual anti-bacterial nozzles along with a self-cleaning mechanism. This feature will prevent waste material from entering the system through the nozzle tips. In turn, it ensures a high level of hygiene.

The water from the nozzles is the same used for flushing the toilet:

This is yet another misconception. The reason is that in a smart toilet, the water inlets of standard products are connected directly to the water source. The source is the same used in faucets and showers in your home. Freshwater supply ensures complete hygiene in smart toilets.


The idea we wish to share here is that smart toilet Australia is safe in many ways. The only thing you will have to ensure is to get the installation done by expert service.