Health Benefits of an Intelligent Toilet Upgrade

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You might have heard of the smart toilet and intelligent toilet facilities gaining popularity, of late. Smart toilets are toilets with electric toilet seats and other smart facilities that convenience your toilet usage. Think self-flushing, self-cleaning, bidet toilet seat, and automatic toilet lid raising and lowering facilities. The automatic bidet toilet will not only offer comfort-focused features such as rear-washing and drying facilities when you use them, but they will also help you track your health and wellbeing. Indeed, expect your intelligent toilet with a smart toilet seat to provide you with a host of health benefits as well.

How Can a Smart Toilet Prove to Be a Healthy Upgrade for Your Regular Toilet?

An intelligent toilet can help you monitor your health. Our digestive wellbeing is key to our holistic health. If there’s a recurring issue with your digestive health, you might want to visit a general physician for an overall health check-up. It might be that some other health issue is latent in you, that is expressing its presence via your digestive functioning. The condition and quality of our bodily excretions hold vital health information that can alert us about potential health impairments that we might develop or pre-existing ailments that are already present in us, but we aren’t aware of.

In the age of wearable tech, a smart toilet can be used to transmit data and information gathered directly from a patient’s intelligent toilet to the palm of their physician using an integrated app solution. Such toilets are already in existence in some parts of the world. They can check for sugar content in your blood to assess whether you are diabetic or predisposed to developing chronic illness.

An intelligent toilet could detect bladder infections and alert you, so you could seek immediate medical attention without allowing your infection to worsen.

The information gained from analyzing your stool could help your smart toilet suggest you upon crucial dietary changes that you might need to make. They may also be able to measure your Body Mass Index and recommend you ways in which you could increase/decrease or maintain this, based on your current BMI reading.

Intelligent Toilet Australia Features Would Improve Popular Health in the Nation

If you’re a citizen of Australia, you could be helping improve societal health in your nation by investing on an intelligent toilet Australia. How do you ask? Think of every visit you’ve made to your doctor. Now, think of all of the times you have been posed questions about your bowel health and whether your bowel functions have been impacted. The performance of our bowel system is intricately related to the rest of our health. Our doctors and physicians make it a point to query about our bowel health for the same reason. The information we are able to supply them though are not always accurate. It is because we tend to forget our bowel movements and the specifics associated with them. It is odd that in a day and age where all other data is collected artificially, we still rely on word-of-mouth to receive information about an individual’s bowel functioning. Intelligent toilet Australia companies attempt to change this with the smart toilets they make available. These intelligent toilets equipped with smart toilet seats can perform multiple health analysis operations such as aid in measuring your body weight, blood pressure, body fat, and so on. Unlike with wearable technology, using your toilet is not something you will have to remind yourself about. It makes collecting all of this vital information all the more convenient. All you have to do is sit down on your bidet toilet seat with smart functions and go about your business, as you would. Integrated smart technology would take care of all the rest. You can aid in maintaining your health and well being without so much as lifting a finger!