How to choose the perfect Smart Toilet for Your Home

Smart toilets

Thanks to technological innovation, toilets have become smart and intelligent. Yes, toilets have become smart and having one is a great way to improve the personal hygiene of one’s household.

Smart toilets were invented in 1596 by Sir John Harrington who created a flushing lavatory, with a built-in cistern. However, these toilets didn’t gain prominence until the 1980s, when Japan started using it. Now, one can enjoy a modern smart home in everything including a smart or intelligent toilet.

Owning and installing intelligent toilets has been made easy with the availability of a wide range of options to choose from. As smart toilets fit into all bathroom designs and décor, it is easy to use and offers luxury and comfort.

Smart toilets are of many types from a basic self-cleaning model to a fully automated toilet which includes functions like a bidet and automatic lid open/close to internet connectivity and app integration. With more valuable features, what are the least useful? If you need to find the perfect smart toilet for your home, you are at the right place. Read on!

Must-have features of a smart toilet

1. Heated seat

Heated seat is a must-have feature in a smart toilet. The warm toilet seat makes your toilet experience more comfortable, especially in cold weather. On user’s preference the toilet seat can be kept warm for 24 hours, at 3 different temperatures.

2. Posterior and Feminine Wash

A bidet is a toilet attachment that cleans your butt with jets of water which is considered more hygienic than using toilet paper. For posterior wash an elongated nozzle sprays pressurized water for both men and women.

Feminine wash is for women, where a nozzle sprays water toward the front of your vagina. The use of toilet paper may spread bacteria, but even during periods life has become easier with smart toilets.

3. Self-cleaning bowl

Self-cleaning function is also a must-have function in a smart toilet. Your toilet will automatically clean itself after each use, eliminating any potential bacteria or dirt buildup in the bowl. This makes the toilet look and smell fresh.

4. Self-cleaning nozzle

While the nozzle is extended or retracted, it self-cleans automatically by spraying a small stream of water. Since the nozzle sprays water on our sensitive parts, the nozzle should be clean and ensure that the nozzle is made of antibacterial material like stainless steel and preferably self-cleaning.

5. Eco-friendly

A smart toilet uses less water to flush as it flush the toilet calculatedly when compared to many standard toilets.  This feature reduces the amount of water wasted worldwide and can also cut down one’s water bill, therefore saving cost.

Moreover the use of toilet paper has environmental impacts in many parts of the world. This is again eliminated by choosing smart toilets which are a more sanitary way to clean up after you go.Treat yourself with something good every time you go! Purchase the smart toilet to comfort your toilet experience with us! Visit us today!