Reason to get a Bidet Toilet Seat

bidet toilet seat

Bidets have been quite popular in Japan, but the west still hasn’t got used to bidet toilets or water to clean. With little research, one can find many positives in using the bidet when compared to a traditional toilet. Read out this blog to enlighten you on some benefits of bidets and why you need one.


Bidet toilet seats are one of the most efficient ways of cleansing waste in the toilets. It can properly wash away the defecation instead of getting smeared.


Bidets generally use plain water which is the softest material one can buy to clean your soft tissues. Bidets are especially great for people with hemorrhoids and uneven bowel movements.

Eliminates uneven cleaning positions

With bidets you can experience a perfect stationary cleaning. You don’t need to clean your tissue in any uneven positions. With just a press of a button or automation, you can just sit and relax and bidets take care of cleaning you.

Relaxing and comforting

Bidets release a spray of water gently during cleansing giving a relaxed feeling. Most of the bidets come with a choice of warm water, which is very much helpful for colder climates. It can be painful to keep hemorrhoids clean, but bidets helps with hemorrhoids by keeping the anal area much cleaner than toilet paper ever could do in a much gentle way. 

Sitz Baths

If you are a new mom, you could probably know about sit baths. Hospitals usually provides a little squirt bottle where you have to fill it with water and clean yourself every time you go until you heal, which can even last a long time. With bidet, a new mom can easily and automatically give herself a sit bath with the turn of a switch. No more worries to find that bottle or remember to fill it up.  

Menstrual Periods

During menstrual periods you just want a shower to clean everything up down there. Heavy periods are the pits and you may never feel a good clean. Bidet has a perfect solution for this, you can wash off everything and feel clean when you switch tampons or pads every time you use the toilet.

Potty training

Your little one will want to use the big potty and can make use of the bidet by themselves. While they say they need a cleaning after pooping, just turning on the water gives your toddler a perfect clean.


Bidets are a great choice for both little kids and for elderly or disabled people. The bidet has a knob on the side of the toilet where you can turn on or off as you use it.

Less clogging

Say goodbye to flushable wipes or toilet paper with a bidet, as it uses straight water to clean you every time you use the toilet. This means there is a less chance that your toilet gets clogged often. Bidets are a great home bathroom addition with a number of positive reasons to get it. Avoid the panic on toilet paper shortages and get your bidet today at Lafeme.