Functions of electronic bidet toilet seats

Rapidly growing popularity in Australia, electronic bidets have become much more common in homes across the country. Still, if you’re unfamiliar with a bidet and its functions, this is for you! What is an electronic bidet toilet seats? Like other standard electric appliances, electronic bidet seats get their power by plugging into a standard electrical outlet offering […]

What should I look for while buying a Bidet Toilet Seat?

With recent advances in technology, bidet toilet seats appeal to people for a number of reasons and have only grown in popularity by becoming a convenient device that is easy to attach and more affordable than ever before. Bidet toilet seats are a great way to improve hygiene and they offer better cleaning than toilet […]

Reason to get a Bidet Toilet Seat

Bidets have been quite popular in Japan, but the west still hasn’t got used to bidet toilets or water to clean. With little research, one can find many positives in using the bidet when compared to a traditional toilet. Read out this blog to enlighten you on some benefits of bidets and why you need […]

Buying Guide for Bidet Toilet Seats in Australia

The pandemic shone a spotlight on the advantages of bidets as it offers an alternative to using toilet paper. Bidets have become more common in parts of Asia, South America and Europe and becoming increasingly popular in Australia. In this blog, we have put together a guide to discuss the important points to consider before […]

Buying a Bidet Toilet in Australia – 6 Important Things You Must Know

Bidets, which originated in France in 1600 as an upper-class way for personal hygiene, are quite popular in parts of the Middle East, Europe, Australia, and Asia & have now turned out to be a popular installation across the world. Bidets are basically bathroom fixtures with the ability to produce a jet stream of water, […]