Things you need to know before choosing a best smart toilet

Thanks to technological evolution, toilets have become smart and intelligent, offering a great way to improve the hygiene of one’s household. Now, owning and installing an intelligent toilet has been made easy, with a wide range of options. However, choosing the best smart toilet for your bathroom means knowing the essential features such as automatic lids, […]

How to choose the perfect Smart Toilet for Your Home

Thanks to technological innovation, toilets have become smart and intelligent. Yes, toilets have become smart and having one is a great way to improve the personal hygiene of one’s household. Smart toilets were invented in 1596 by Sir John Harrington who created a flushing lavatory, with a built-in cistern. However, these toilets didn’t gain prominence […]

How smart toilets can be an ultimate choice for your family?

There are several times everyone would have had a bad experience using the toilet? Bad experiences seemed to be just a part of life until the evolution of smart toilets. There could be nothing unhygienic and embarrassing than not getting a complete clean after using the loo. Unfortunately, no scanty toilet paper can improve a […]