6 Things you have to Know Before Buying a Bidet Seat Online

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Have you ever made an online purchase that doesn’t live up to your expectations? Many of us must have been through the same situation and it stinks! We want our customers to find the best bidet on the first try, so we have put together some important things you have to know to purchase a bidet seat online that is hassle-free, frustration-free, and regret-free!

1. Benefits of bidets

Anyone can benefit from a bidet as they are more hygienic and comfortable than wiping with toilet paper, increase independency in the bathroom, and are friendly to the environment. Bidets can also reduce the risk of clogging by helping you to save the plumping costs.

2. Cost of bidets

The broad range of feature add-ons in a bidet design allows you to select one that matches your budget. Although higher-end models are luxurious, you may need a professional installation completed by a plumber. 

3. Types of bidets

Bidets come in different layouts, appearances, and designs to meet your specific needs. Below are some of the common bidet types that are available in the market.

Standalone bidets – These are the traditional bidet that often sits beside the toilet and some standalone bidets allow mounting on the wall like a urinal. Modern ceramic standalone model bidets have features like water temperature control, heated seats, and self-cleaning functionality.

Portable bidets – Also known as travel bidets or bidet bottles, portable bidets match the requirements of a frequent traveler. They appear similar to a water bottle with extended, angled nozzles on their top for spraying. You will have to fill one up with water and direct the nozzle toward the area you need to clean.

Spray or handheld bidets – These type of bidets has a hose connected to your toilet plumbing with a sprayer on one end. It has a mechanism to control the water pressure and some models have dual feeds to allow seamless switching between hot and cold water.

Built-in or toilet seat bidets – Built-in eliminates the hassle of selecting the bidet and toilet accessories separately. Also known as combo toilets, these types of bidets comprise angled spray jets to clean after using the toilet. Modern built-in bidet toilet seats include features such as heated seats, warm air dryers, and controlled water pressure which requires electricity.

Bidet attachments – Bidet attachments are an ideal option for people looking for the basic functions of a bidet within their budget. However, they lack features found in built-in models, such as temperature control, and offer the same benefits as traditional bidets.

4. Space for bathroom

Bidets usually take up considerable space in your bathroom. However, you can opt for a bidet seat with a remote or touchless controls or a handheld model if you lack in size.

5. Bidet shape

Bidets usually come in elongated or round models to match your toilet. Be sure to measure the size of the toilet using a measuring tape to know the exact shape.

6. Cleaning and maintenance

Some electronic bidets have a self-cleaning function for the spray nozzle, however, you can deep clean the nozzle with a cleaning solution and an old toothbrush. Checking hoses and connections often for potential leaks helps in bidet maintenance.

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