Eco-Friendly Smart Toilets: Reducing Toilet Paper Waste and the Shocking Stats

Smart Toilets

As people become more aware of the impact they’re having on the world, we are witnessing people turn to a sustainable and alternative solution to traditional toilets. Because of this, the popularity of smart toilets has turned heads, as they make us rethink how we approach the conventional toilet. From health benefits to superior comfort and a noticeable decrease in environmental impact, eco-friendly smart toilets have created a superior bathroom experience with very little downside.

Modern eco-friendly smart toilets go beyond sleek design and advanced features, aiming to reduce toilet paper usage and its environmental consequences. With escalating concerns about deforestation and excessive waste, the connection between technology and sustainability presents a hopeful solution.

This blog post dives deep into the world of eco-friendly smart toilets and explores their role in reducing toilet paper waste, underscoring the urgency of such eco-conscious endeavours.

Wipe less and Save More With Smart Toilets

A report from Gizmodo has revealed that people in Australia use an average of 88 rolls of toilet paper annually. A single person used 7,040 rolls over his entire life of 80 years. This amount of toilet paper usage is considered quite high.

If you scaled the above up to toilet paper usage per country and laid out all of the rolls of toilet paper used in one year, how far would that stretch? For China, it would be 6.45 billion km (further than the distance from Earth to Neptune, to save you measuring), and for Australia, it is 205 million km, which is Earth to the Sun and a bit further.

On the other hand, regarding the amount of water used for flushing toilets in Australia, a dual flush cistern with a half flush uses 3 litres of water, and a full flush uses 6 litres of water. Moreover, a single flush cistern typically uses 9 to 11 litres of water for each flush.

For these reasons, smart toilets have made waves as a sustainable toilet option. They are sanitary, eco-friendly, and give you a luxurious toilet experience. In addition, they offer maximum comfort and convenience with comfort features such as heated seats and heated wash functions.

It is no surprise that people are attracted to eco-friendly options. So, smart toilets offer a helping hand to save on water expenses as well as on toilet paper usage and costs, helping you adopt a friendly lifestyle. We can save massive supply chain expenses from sapling to packaging by using smart toilets. 

Smart-Toilets Leading To Smart Living

Smart Toilet

Smart toilets are a great breakthrough for those seeking a functional and seasonless option. They are an energy-efficient option as well as a lavish addition to your restroom.

Smart living demands smart options. Right?

Here is how eco-friendly, smart toilets elevate your lifestyle.


Smart toilets provide a luxurious experience. From the moment you sit down, you’re welcomed with the heated seats. This experience carries over to the cleaning portion of your use. It’s leagues above your traditional toilet with the cleaner water wash bidet function over just wiping with toilet paper. You’re able to enjoy the adjustable water temperatures as well as the water pressure adjustment. When it’s done washing, the dryer switches on and helps once again to reduce toilet paper usage. That’s what makes smart toilets a superior choice.


Most fully featured smart toilets also have an auto-flush system. It only activates when it detects you’re using it and promotes cleaner hands as there’s no need to flush. It detects once you are done and flushes automatically. So, smart toilets make toilet usage easy for those with restricted mobility. Their customisable and automated features have led to greater convenience for everyone.

Ease of Usage

The toilets are super easy to handle. Touch-free systems and self-cleaning facilities create convenience for the users. Remote controls operate the toilets, which makes them even easier to use. Again, those with restricted mobility have an easier time using these smart toilets.

Easy Care

Low-maintenance toilets are always on the go. Agree? Eco-toilets are easy to clean. The advanced pre-rinse on some smart toilets lubricates the ceramic bowl so that less waste clings onto the surface of the bowl. They have a good siphon flushing action, which also helps ensure a cleaner bowl after each use. 

Hygienic Environment

As smart toilets lack rims, they are more functional and aesthetic. Dirt, bacteria, and grime do not get the chance to grow. Also, the rimless design leads to easier cleaning as there’s no overhang where the toilet brush can’t reach.

Eco-Smart Comfort With Eco-Friendly Smart Toilets

Smart Toilet
  • Auto Functions

Some smart toilets gracefully open as you enter the restroom. Yes, these toilets have a wonderful touchless experience. Likewise, it closes automatically once you are done (This is the feature that saves will save marriages!). It has led to better hygiene as it prevents you from needing to open the toilet manually. The best part is saying goodbye to manual flushing. The toilet detects when you are finished and starts flushing instantly when you get up. It prevents bad odours and ensures good cleaning.

  • Customised For Your Needs

Smart toilets work according to your requirements. You can adjust the processing settings at your convenience. Seat temperature, water temperature, and spray position are adjustable to suit your unique body shape

  • Back-Up Flush

No need to fear during a blackout! These high-tech smart toilets provide sufficient backup in power outages. So, if you find yourself in the middle of a blackout and need to relieve yourself, you can still! Lafeme’s Lucci is equipped with a 9V battery as a power backup.

How To Choose The Best Smart Toilet That Reduce Paper Waste?

Eco-toilets have become one of the most eco-efficient ways to lead a more sustainable life. Not only that, they are trendy and modern options for your restroom. If you want to replace a traditional toilet with a smart one, consider the following:

  • Know your needs. Be clear about what kind of smart toilet you need. Is a sustainable toilet your requirement? Do you want a functional one? Or are you looking for something aesthetic? Once you know what you want, you can make a more informed choice.
  • Explore different options and determine which features are important to you and your everyday comfort.
  • Prepare your area. The area where you intend to place the toilet must have access to running water and an electrical socket. Find out which side the power outlet needs to be on and if any further modifications need to be made for access to the water outlet for the toilet you choose. Research is key and the cost of modification and installation to your existing facility should be factored into your decision making.
  • Consider the value of investing in a high-quality product, affording you long-term peace of mind.

If you’re searching for the best smart toilet in Australia, then our feature-packed Lafeme LUCCI smart toilet should be at the top of your list

Summing It All Up

Smart Toilet Australia

Smart toilets are innovative and effortless options for a more sustainable lifestyle. They conserve water and are energy-efficient. Also, they heavily reduce the use of toilet paper.

As Australians are using 25% more water and 17.5% more toilet paper, it’s clear that there’s a growing need for toilets that are better for the environment. A smart toilet is the best way to reduce toilet paper and water usage. The Lafeme LUCCI aims to promote happier, cleaner, and more sustainable lifestyles.

Their functional, touchless, and feature-rich toilets have saved water. You would love these Japanese bidets for being comfortable and convenient. They are an ideal option for increasing cleanliness while being more eco-conscious.