Things you need to know before choosing a best smart toilet

intelligent toilet

Thanks to technological evolution, toilets have become smart and intelligent, offering a great way to improve the hygiene of one’s household. Now, owning and installing an intelligent toilet has been made easy, with a wide range of options. However, choosing the best smart toilet for your bathroom means knowing the essential features such as automatic lids, self-flushing, cleaning, spray water washing, and more. This blog highlights the essential things one needs to know when choosing the best smart toilet for their bathroom.

What is a smart/intelligent toilet?

A smart or intelligent toilet is an electronic toilet with loaded features that are essentially automatic and capable of taking care of all the toilet needs of its user.

Why do you need one?

The most amazing benefit of a smart toilet is that it conserves water and is ideal for sensitive or damaged skin users with its warm seating feature.

A smart toilet is hygienic, easing haemorrhoids’ discomfort and post-childbirth perineum cleansing and soothing.

What are its features?

Before purchasing one, there are certain features to look out for that make one brand unique from the other. Some of the common features of a smart toilet include:


A smart toilet uses less water when compared to other traditional toilets. Eco-friendly functionality in a smart toilet reduces the amount of water wasted by cutting down the water bill and therefore saving costs.

Warm water wash

Smart toilet facilitates bidet feature that allows warm water toilet spray-wash after every use. One doesn’t need to use their hands to clean up, which is pure comfort and one of the unique features of a smart toilet.

Self-cleaning functionality

Intelligent toilets are capable of cleaning all by themselves. They are designed intelligently to do this part by themselves, do your daily duties, and this toilet takes care of the rest.

Seat warming

Some smart toilet brands, like Lafeme, offer users the comfort of a warm toilet seat that can be adjusted to individual needs. Using this feature during winter is pure bliss!

Automatic lid

The intelligent toilet can sense the user while they approach the toilet. The automatic lid feature can lift and close the lid automatically when they are done.

Air Dryer

The air dryer feature in smart toilets eliminates the need for toilet paper. The hot or cold air streams with adjustable temperature can be used to dry up after every use.

Night Light

The smart toilet uses an LED light to help its users during the middle of the night, producing a soft glow that comforts one’s sleepy head without disrupting sleep.


With the help of its sensor, the smart toilet can sense the motion of your hands, flushing it automatically when your part is done.

How to install a smart toilet?

By following simple steps or hiring a plumber, install a smart/intelligent toilet to make the toilet experience smarter!


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