Functions of electronic bidet toilet seats

electronic bidet toilet seats

Rapidly growing popularity in Australia, electronic bidets have become much more common in homes across the country. Still, if you’re unfamiliar with a bidet and its functions, this is for you!

What is an electronic bidet toilet seats?

Like other standard electric appliances, electronic bidet seats get their power by plugging into a standard electrical outlet offering a more hygienic experience than toilet paper alone.

Functions of an electronic bidet toilet seats

Water to Clean

After using the bathroom, the water wash function allows you to use water to clean your rear part wherein parameters such as temperature and pressure can be changed. 

Heated toilet seat

Toilet seats with soft, flexible seat temperatures can be used particularly during cold days. The heating will transform into the required pre-set temperature thanks to the built-in sensor.

Turbo wash mode

The turbo wash mode offers a powerful stream of water that is accurate and cleans completely. The water pressure may also be adjusted to the required level in this mode.

LED Night Lights

The nightlight with LED function allows you to locate a toilet seat in the middle of the night without turning on the main light offering a sophisticated appearance that can be blue or white.

Hot air dryer

You may also use the hot air drying option after the washing ‘water to clean’ function as the moisture will remain. This function operates by sending hot air currents on the skin to remove water rises and moisture.

Remote control

Using the bidet toilet seat with a wireless remote control is incredibly comfortable. Mount the dock on the wall if your bidet comes with remote control. Some smart toilets are often equipped with a portable remote control that can be controlled from outside the bathroom door by the customer or a caregiver.

Automatic lids

The built-in sensor enables the closing and opening of both the cover and the seat to open and close automatically without touching. This function can be used with a single button on the remote.

Children’s Mode

This function is designed for infants, where friction and temperature are calibrated to best fit younger consumers for a comfortable experience. With a single button press, washing and drying functions are started one after the other.

Automated Mode       

Some smart bidet toilets are designed with an auto-mode wash and dry option. With a press of a single button, automatic series of functions can be generated one after the other. This function is similar to the children’s mode, which automatically lowers the temperature and water pressure.


Active deodorization can be enabled in toilets with a bidet feature. The compressed air filtration device prevents unnecessary odors after using the toilet when the wind flows into it.

Nozzle protection

This function allows you to protect the nozzle from dust and water, which aids in the maintenance of your nozzle’s appearance and condition.

Self-cleaning nozzle

A dedicated stream of water can clean the nozzle before usage with a single button.


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