How smart toilets can be an ultimate choice for your family?

smart toilets

There are several times everyone would have had a bad experience using the toilet? Bad experiences seemed to be just a part of life until the evolution of smart toilets. There could be nothing unhygienic and embarrassing than not getting a complete clean after using the loo. Unfortunately, no scanty toilet paper can improve a bad toilet experience. Some people even avail themselves of taking a shower after a bad toilet experience. It truly doesn’t have to be this way. And, this is where Smart bidet toilets have come into the way.

Smart toilets have paved a way to complete and thorough cleanliness, so that youno need to go back for a shower. With a cleverly designed cleaning system, the smart bidet toilets provide a complete posterior and feminine wash leaving you feeling fresh and clean. One can even adjust the sprayer position to satisfy your cleaning needs. From now on, your bathroom experiences are hygienic and very satisfying.

Some handy features of smart bidet toilets

Gentle clean

With comfortable water temperature and gentle water pressure, smart toilets complete your hygienic clean in a gentlest way.

Automatic lid

The most luxurious and hygienic part in a smart toilet is that the lid opens and self-closes automatically when you arrive, eliminating the need to use your hands.

Cozy seat

The cushioned seat design gives you superior comfort when seated.  

Heated seat

In colder and overnight temperatures, the seat temperature in a smart toilet can be adjusted accordingly and you no longer get chilled while sitting on it.

Automatic lubrication

The advanced technology in a smart toilet ensures that the porcelain is left clean by lubricating it before it is used. This eliminates the use of cleaning it with a toilet brush.

Automatic flush

Once everything is done, the automatic flush system can take care of itself.

Jet flush

With a powerful jet flush, the smart toilet ensures the bowl is emptied and the porcelain is cleaned thoroughly.

Other surprising features

Water conservation

Unlike regular toilets, the smart bidet toilets use only the necessary water that needs to be flushed. This helps to reduce your water bills.

No more overflowing

Sensors in smart toilets can determine the level of water in the toilet and help in eliminating the overflow. If there is any overload of solids causing blockage, the smart toilet’s sensor can detect it and eliminates the overflow by shutting the flush mechanism down.

Remote control

Smart toilet’s other notable features include its remote control functions through which self-cleaning wand, slow-closing lid and nightlight. Remote control can also be used to activate and adjust the intensity and spray position and control the water temperature used for cleaning.

Discover the difference with Lafeme

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