Are Intelligent Toilets Worth the Money? Let’s Find it.

intelligent toilet

Building new or renovating your existing toilet with intelligent toilets are worth considering as they truly enhance your bathroom experience. In this blog, we have created a list of features which make your bathroom smart and how it is worth your money.

Advanced flushing

The most exciting feature of an intelligent toilet is that its flush operates without even touching it. The sensors in the toilets activate the mechanism automatically, without any need for touch. It senses the body while moving closer  and away. One could also activate the sensor with a simple waving of hand in front of it. This is one of the best ways to follow bathroom etiquettes of flushing and also eliminates transfer of germs from person to person through unhygienic handles.

Overflow protection

One of the common bathroom tensions includes overflowing toilets; nobody likes to deal with it. Intelligent toilets know when there is a toilet paper clog and stops the flush before it starts and maintains the low water level in the bowl.

Heated Seating

This is one of the most appreciated features, where the bidet seat can be set to warming technology with adjustable settings. Enjoy the heated seat, every time you visit the toilet by calibrating the seat temperature on your desired level.

Remote Control

One can operate an intelligent toilet with a press of a button on the remote control. The settings in the control could vary; however, there are presets to match the preference of different users.

LED Nightlight Feature

Intelligent toilets provide automatic light adjustments on day and night, which helps persons to navigate the bathroom at nighttime.

Energy and water savings

Although intelligent toilets use electricity, it reduces the water consumption. It senses the need for water and accordingly flushes the right amount of water. There are intelligent toilets which make use of batteries as power source or come with two power options while the others have to be connected to the house wiring system.

Adjustable spray

Many intelligent toilets offer functionalities such as adjustable water pressure, pre-mist, and variable water temperature on the cleansing jet, which dry off with the air-dry function.

But that’s not all… some other advanced features include

-Pulsating sprayed massaging bidet wash

-Potential alerts with built-in sensors

-Self closing lids




-Air dryer

It is pretty clear that intelligent toilets can do more. But how much does one cost?

Nowadays, an intelligent toilet can cost about $650 up to many thousands of dollars for higher-end models. In short, intelligent toilets are worth the money, as they possess more advanced features and benefits. With toilets being used daily, intelligent toilets are an investment that one would feel the benefits of for years to come. Especially on cold days, a warmer toilet seat will be a dream of so many. Sounds good? Are you looking for the same offering and wish to upgrade your toilet? Consider Lafeme, as we are a great option to offer high quality, stylish and futuristic features in intelligent toilets.