Buying Guide for Bidet Toilet Seats in Australia

Bidet Toilet seats

The pandemic shone a spotlight on the advantages of bidets as it offers an alternative to using toilet paper. Bidets have become more common in parts of Asia, South America and Europe and becoming increasingly popular in Australia. In this blog, we have put together a guide to discuss the important points to consider before purchasing a bidet toilet seat.

Bidet toilet seat:

It is a type of toilet seat which has a built-in nozzle to spray water allowing the users to clean themselves after using the toilet. Bidets are a standard toilet fixture found in toilets across Japan and now making their way throughout the world. There are two versions of bidets, they are non-electric and electric versions. A non-electric bidet seat has a lever or a dial which controls the water flow whereas an electric (smart) version features an in-built water heater with a number of cleaning modes to go with the user.

Things to know when buying a Bidet seat:

Abidance to Regulatory Standards:

Countries like Australia have certain standards like product standards and water consumption standards. Bidet seats in Australia should meet the standards as prescribed Watermark certification under WMTS-051:2016 and installation requirements under AS/NZS3500.


A manual or non-electric bidet toilet seat comes with a fitted nozzle and a dial or a lever with posterior and feminine cleaning modes. Most manual (non-electric) bidet seats use cold water wherein, hot water is an available option when connected with a hot water line.

With smart or electric bidet seats, you can expect to get a number of features like heated seats, multiple cleaning functions including posterior, feminine, swing and massage. Additionally, there exist smart features to adjust the water temperature, a self-cleaning nozzle and also a dryer function which varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.


The manual bidet seats could cost you less than $200 whereas the electric counterparts start from $550and price will increase depending on the features they offered. At Lafeme, we offer both versions of bidet seats, you can choose the one that best suits your budget.

Back-flow Prevention Valve:

A bidet seat comes with a backflow prevention valve to avoid any contamination of the main water supply. As per the Australian standards the specified requirements for a bidet seat is provided under AS/NZS3500.


Toilet bowl shapes can vary from round to elongated and it is advisable to take a note on the shape and the measurements of the toilet bowl before purchasing one.


A good manufacturer should offerat least 12-month warranty. At Lafeme, we offer a maximum of 24-months warranty for our smart toilet and bidet seat.


To sum it up, a proper understanding of your needs, your budget and layout will be required to install a bidet toilet seat. Turn your bathroom into an oasis of serenity and comfort with Lafeme – one of the leading brands of bidet seats in Australia!