Buying a Bidet Toilet in Australia – 6 Important Things You Must Know

Bidets, which originated in France in 1600 as an upper-class way for personal hygiene, are quite popular in parts of the Middle East, Europe, Australia, and Asia & have now turned out to be a popular installation across the world. Bidets are basically bathroom fixtures with the ability to produce a jet stream of water, making personal hygiene easier and more thorough.

Since bidets function with a simple click of a button, they are more accessible to people who have caregivers, which in turn increases privacy and autonomy for anyone using a bathroom. 

Here are things that you need to know before buying a Bidet toilet in Australia:

1) Improved Personal Hygiene:

Using a bidet improves your personal hygiene and way of using the bathroom. Compared with the use of toilet paper, using soap and water is found far more hygienic, thus reducing the risk of infection, itchiness, and discomfort. Some bidets also have features like air dry which cleans and also dries the sensitive areas without the need for paper.

2) Easily Installable:

Bidets no longer have to be isolated fixtures. Nowadays, sophisticated bidets can be easily installed on any toilet. In modern times, bidets are inexpensive, incredibly convenient, and portable, making them much more affordable and accessible to most people.

3) Environment-Friendly:

Bidet drastically reduces the over-reliance on using toilet paper. Not only does this improve personal hygiene & comfort, but it significantly decreases the amount of paper used, which can be beneficial to the environment. The bleaching process required for the manufacturing of toilet paper produces a byproduct called dioxin which is a harmful substance to both animals & humans, so the use of bidet to an extent can avoid such processes or chemicals.

4) Different types of bidets:

Electric bidets are a more expensive model which is more comfortable and convenient. These fit on most toilet models and standard toilets and also have remote control operation, fully adjustable nozzles & a warm air dryer feature. Non-electric bidets will usually fit on any toilet & can offer thorough cleaning.

5) Available in Most Price Ranges:

From less than 100 dollars to great bidet seats under 500 dollars and upscale integrated units like the Swarovski crystal-encrusted toilet combo for more than $5,000, there are different price ranges for buying a bidet.

6) Safe to Use:

The gentle water stream from the bidet is much safer and does not cause any damage, irritation, or sensitivity in users. During certain health conditions, especially in women and aging adults, using paper could be painful, and in such cases, bidet could definitely make your life easier.

Sum Up:

There are many clear advantages to using a bidet, from cost savings to improved health. There’s only a matter of time before they become more popular, eventually making their way into every bathroom. Initially, it may cost you some money, but it could ultimately save you more money in the long run.Are you in search of buying a bidet toilet in Australia? Lafeme, a leading brand of smart toilets and bidet seats in Australia offer different ranges of intelligent bidet including electric and non-electric intended for both residential and commercial environments.