What Makes a Toilet “Smart”?

Smart Toilet

The toilet fittings market is ripe with intelligent toilet and smart toilet fittings right now. But, what makes a toilet “smart”? What are these amenities provided that distinguish a regular toilet from a smart toilet? Let’s find out.

The Difference Between a Regular Toilet and a Smart Toilet

An intelligent toilet or a smart toilet is called so because it utilizes artificial intelligence and other smart technology to provide all additional facilities that you would be hard-pressed to find in a regular toilet. Smart toilet features range from the most basic, such as providing a bidet toilet seat to more premium advanced features, such as being able to analyze your health metrics. A well-made intelligent toilet doesn’t stop at automating regular toilet tasks such as flushing and cleaning. It involves Artificial Intelligence at a deeper level where your electric toilet seats can help maintain its temperature to provide a comfortable sitting experience and even play music to entertain you while you’re in your toilet.

Features Commonly Provided in a Smart Toilet

You can expect to avail the following facilities in an intelligent toilet –

  • Automatic seat opening and closing. AI will alert your smart toilet when you approach it, so it readies itself by opening its seat. Similarly, it will close itself when you move away from it. If you are somebody who regularly forgets to put the seat cover down after using the toilet, now you have one less thing to worry about.
  • Automatic flushing. An intelligent toilet will flush itself after you are done using it, freeing you from having to physically touch your toilet to flush it every time.
  • Toilet Seat Temperature Control. You can control the temperature of your toilet seat in an intelligent toilet. Individuals who reside in colder climates will find this feature especially helpful.
  • Toilet Seat Dryer. The bidet toilet seat in your toilet will not only help clean your posterior after you are done defecating, but it will also help you dry it. The same facility will also allow your toilet seat to be kept dry after you’ve used and wetted it.
  • Water Efficiency. Smart toilets come endowed with auto-flushing ability. Auto-flushing is more water-efficient than manually flushing it. It is because an intelligent toilet calculates the duration of time you spent in the toilet to release water to flush it. If you spent a minimal amount of time, it uses the eco-flush, helping conserve water. If you spent a significant amount of time on your toilet, only then does it use the full flush. In addition, smart toilets often also use vacuum and siphonic to enhance the power of its flush, so it can further save water.
  • Music Playability – You can expect your intelligent toilet with its AI capabilities to sense when you walk into it and start playing your favorite tunes. Alternatively, you can also use a remote controller to change or control how music is played in your smart toilet.
  • Remote Feature – Usually, all AI integrated toilets come with a remote touchscreen or a remote which you can use to adjust the several functionalities provided by it. Think water pressure and water temperature settings being remembered as part of your smart toilet user settings.
  • Massage and Health Scan – More and more intelligent toilet setups are providing massage and health scan facility for individuals who’d like their smart toilets to be able to keep them updated on their wellness.


A smart toilet is not only more hygienic than your everyday toilet, it is so much more comfortable and convenient. In addition, in a world that is facing toilet paper shortage, smart toilets negate any need for toilet paper usage with its automatic bidet toilet facility. Clean, fun, and cost-effective – an intelligent toilet is just the home tech you need in your life next.